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Catan (big red box)

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19 terrain hexes (tiles)
6 sea frame pieces
9 harbor pieces
18 circular number tokens
95 resource cards (bearing the symbols of the brick, grain, lumber, ore, and wool resources)
25 development cards (14 knight cards, 6 progress cards, 5 victory point cards)
4 “building costs” cards
2 special cards: (“Longest Road” & Largest Army”)
16 cities (4 of each color, shaped like churches)
20 settlements (5 of each color, shaped like houses)
60 roads (15 of each color, shaped like bars)
2 dice (1 yellow, 1 red)
1 robber
1 “Game rules & Almanac” booklet

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Location: Keele Borrowing Centre
Condition: A - As new/Comme neuf
Brand: KOSMOS Albi Devir Giochi Uniti Swan Panasia Co., Ltd.
Code: YBC0894

Catan: Big Box contains the classic Catan board game, along with the expansion that allows up to six players to compete on the base game, the Frenemies scenario, the Helpers of Catan mini-expansion that gives each player a character with a bonus ability, the Mallorca scenario (printed on paper), and the Deutschland scenario (printed on game board, with the city landmarks also being included).

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