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Cave Troll

1 rule book
1 game board
68 Plastic Figures (17 of each color: blue, red, green and yellow)
104 Player Cards (with alternative roles for every character)
6 Artifact Cards
4 Gold counters
4 Reference sheets

Fee: CA$ 0.00 for 7 days

A deposit of CA$ 20.00 is due when this item is borrowed.

Location: Keele Borrowing Centre
Condition: A - As new/Comme neuf
Code: YBC0776

In Cave Troll, each player controls a party of explorers raiding the cave troll’s lair. Using knights, dwarves, thieves, and other adventurers, the players search the lair for gold and magical artifacts. The players must be careful, however, because they aren’t only competing against each other, but against savage orcs, terrifying wraiths, and the fearsome cave troll itself!

Cave Troll is a fast-paced dungeon-crawling board game of strategy, looting, and monster-bashing from Tom Jolly, the creator of Drakon.

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