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Arkham Horror: The Card Game

239 cards (5 investigator cards, 5 mini cards, 110 scenario cards, 119 player cards
149 tokens (30 resource tokens, 44 chaos tokens, 18 horror tokens, 27 damage tokens, 30 clue/doom tokens)
1 campaign guide
1 learn to play book
1 reference guide

Fee: CA$ 0.00 for 7 days

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Location: UofT St. George Item Library
Condition: A - As new/Comme neuf
Brand: Fantasy Flight Games
Code: YBC0593

1-2 players, 60-120 min playing time, 14+

Something evil stirs in Arkham, and only you can stop it. Blurring the traditional lines between role-playing and card game experiences, Arkham Horror: The Card Game is a Living Card Game of Lovecraftian mystery, monsters, and madness!

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